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Because We Care

Milkhouse Dahlias sells single tubers, locally grown and loved. Dahlias are hand planted, pampered all summer long, and hand dug and processed here on our farm. We aim to offer a quality product that will provide beauty to your garden and joy all season long.

That being said, we can make no guarantee for circumstances over which we have no control. Mother Nature, poor planning, or inadequate planting conditions can lead to unsatisfactory results. However, should a dahlia fail to sprout after 5 weeks post-planting, and you believe it due to a defective tuber and not the result of weather or planting conditions, please dig it up and contact us for further assistance. Non-emergence complaints will be accepted through August 1st of that same planting season.

Product mislabeled? Due to human error during the packing and shipping process, this can occur. If you believe that you have received mislabeled tubers, please notify us as soon as possible with any supporting photos that you can provide.

Please understand that we cannot always replace an item due to our limited inventory. In the event that Milkhouse approves a non-emergence complaint or labeling mistake, you will be offered one of the following choices based on circumstances:

  1. A full product replacement whiles supplies last

  2. A site credit for the full amount of the original order

If you wish to cancel an order prior to shipment, please contact us ASAP, and as long as the item has not been processed for shipment, a full refund will be issued within 10 business days.

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